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Fact Finder Plus is the brainchild of Scott Bernstein, an International Bounty Hunter. Industry Authority, Counter-Terrorist Operative, Military & Law Enforcement Trainer and Child Recovery Operative. With over 30+ years in these industries, Bernstein’s accomplishments has and continues to be recognized by the International Media, peers and colleagues as the premier missing persons Agent in the world.

His unique skip tracing background searches includes Past & Present Addresses, landline phone numbers, cell phone records, e-mail addresses, neighbors, relatives, spouses and their info, date of birth, aliases, criminal records, driving record, speeding or parking tickets, liens, judgments, business affiliations and much more.

While other background services will offer a la carte services – these records could amount to over $300.00! Fact Finder Plus gives you all the information & Intel in one comprehensive report at a very affordable price of just $39.99 per search. No membership required. Must be 18 years or older.  All records are obtained by legal means.

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From now on, I’m looking up as many of the people in my life — no matter how normal they seem. And guess what, Factfinderplus.com offers the best value, so I’ll never be fooled again.

Although Fact Finder Plus can show deeply shocking criminal records, I’ve really been surprised by just how practical it is as an everyday tool. I’ve used it to look up addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, assets, real estate — heck, you can even find Amazon wish lists on Fact Finder Plus.

My own report came back with an interactive map of local sex offenders in my neighborhood, complete with mugshots and explicit details of their crimes. You can also look up your friends’ addresses to see how you can avoid perverts, rapists, and total scumbags when you visit them.